Monday, June 30, 2008

Start Spreading The News...

...we're leaving today on the Red Eye to one of our favorite destinations: New York City. It's a place we've been to a number of times before, my wife and I. There are a lot of known things about New York -- stuff I know will very likely happen. At some point:

1) I will go to Strawberry Fields and try to find a fresh way to photograph it. I find this little mosaic monument to slain Beatle John Lennon fascinating. The people who go there are fascinating. The things they leave behind are fascinating. The fact that he was gunned down just across the street is fascinating...and sort of creepy. But fascinating.

2) We will dine at our favorite restaurant in Little Italy called "Pompadoro's" where they serve food so good you wish you had at least another two stomachs. (We will also have a cheese pretzel even as we remind each other that it isn't good for us.)

3) We will take a LOT of pictures. You'll see some of them here and also on my NAPP portfolio

4) We are going to take an Amtrak to Philadelphia to have a look at an authentic pirate ship exhibit (a National Geographic production starring spoils and artifacts from the pirate ship Whydah) and will very likely run up the steps of the museum just like Rocky did...a sight sure to bring unbridled mirth to the locals.

5) We will be two of the thousands watching the fireworks on the 4th of July from an island. (Americans -- particularly New Yorkers) KNOW how to celebrate the holidays.

6) Sadly we won't be able to go to the New York Renaissance Faire (which was a Travel Hightlight of All Time last year) or see a Shakespeare in the Park play -- because neither will be active during our time there.

We leave on the red-eye tonight.

Want to come along?

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